Before we start evaluating what’s new in 2012, let’s just give a good revision of how has the biking shops done in 2011? Check this out for 2010’s ranking – This list has been viewed over 67,000 pageviews by 16,000 unique readers todate! Time to get serious in winning a name on this list?

In the same manner, 2011 was a good year for cycling vendors with the endless support from respective state authorities. When there is supply for cycling events, the demand for cycling products accelerates. Good news for old-time bicycle shops, but bad because new competitors have sprung up to offer competitive prices.

However having said that, bicycle shops can never be substituted when your bicycle needs physical servicing and repair. Youtube all you want, a handyman is always in need. We were monitoring the changes taking place and many online stores have realized that it is impossible to sell bicycles through the net, therefore the shift to cycling accessories.

We commend these bicycle stores and the ratings are based on the following weightage:

A. Range of Products – 30%
B. Range of Brands – 30%
C. Price – 20%
D. User-friendly Interface – 20%

Ok, done with the naggy introduction – Here we present to you the Top 10 Online Bicycle Stores of 2011 who have been striving hard all-year round to provide you with the best and most updated information!

#10 – Trailridermad

Prices are there but vaguely displayed. Good variety of products 🙂


#9 – Tat Seng Bicycle Store

An established bicycle shop in Cheras going all savvy towards online selling.

Need improvement on usability.


#8 – Bike Rack

We normally don’t list out online stores which carry limited brands, however due to its innovative way of packaging the many parts of Thule, we commend Bike Rack’s idea of one-stop-solution for bike carriers.

Prices are clearly stated with pictures for better understanding.


#7 – Grafa

Unlike the other established online stores which operate on websites, the Grafa online shopping experience happens right on Facebook. Their large fanbase is an eye opener testifying the magnificent growth in the fixed gear community.

All products seem to go really fast with a high demand for everything Grafa sells. A good range of fixie products available at Grafa’s store.


#6 – SBH Bicycles

Great display of prices – Finally! Loads of affordable fixie products available at SBH.


#5 – Funsportz

A wholly online-based business offering outdoor sports’ related products.

Laying out its product offerings in blog style, contact information is clear. Funsportz is also the official distributor of GoPro in Malaysia.


#4 – Howei

Comprehensive, clear cut and if you’re looking for some accessories shopping – Don’t miss out this website 🙂

Count on Howei for your next accessories purchase.

#3 – Gerek Gear

One of its strongest selling points is affordability! Before you decide on any purchase, it is a wise decision to stop here and check all those gadgets out.

Visit for more

#2 – USJ Cycles

Not based on a shopping cart/e-commerce platform, but constantly updated to have its customers/shoppers entertained. Wide variety of products and brands, especially affordable bicycles to check out!

The physical outlet, is as per its name – in USJ (Subang Jaya).

Hope over the

#1 – S2h Cycle

Claimed to be the Malaysia’s Largest Online Bicycle Store, S2h Cycle is e-commerce based featuring a WIDE variety of products, WIDE variety of brands – Loads of new stuff.

Never, never ignore this website when researching on your new toy.

Check out S2h Cycle and you might wanna thank us for listing all of these here!

Congratulations to all the websites who made it to the list!

Thank you for making the online bicycle realm such an exciting one 🙂

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Once again to remind you – Check out these online stores and make your online shopping experience a fruitful one.