You are the first to hear see this: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Series is all about Optimal Power Transfer; Effortless Operation & Speed Control.

The 4-arm crankset

Breaking all the rules, Shimano launches Dura-Ace 9000 with a 4-arm crankset and claims to be able to maintain the high rigidity offered by its predecessor (Dura-Ace 7900), at the same time reducing the weight. The new Dura-Ace 9000 Series weighs only at 2,072g, a total of 77g shed.

Uni-balanced spoke system

Unlike the 7900 Series, the new Dura-Ace 9000 realized the proper spoke balance 2:1 ratio (14:7), with two spokes on the drive side versus one spoke on the non-drive side. This is to balance the tension which is significantly higher on the drive side. In the same manner, Shimano has managed to maintain its rigidity and offer durable wheels from the new system.

Ultimate Mechanical Operation

Front lever has a smaller diameter bracket compared to 7900. This encourages intuitive control and benefits riders with shorter fingers smaller hands, for a more secure grip.

As for the release lever, it has reduced stroking depth of 30% in comparison to its predecessor. This means you don’t have to push the lever all the way in, making the shifting quicker with lighter strokes.

Lighter Shifting Force

The shifting force on both front and rear derailleurs has been reduced up to 43% and 47% respectively. With lighter and shorter strokes, shifting becomes more accurate and fast.

Shimano’s new cable system

Instead of the existing PTFE Plating which are widely used on cables, Shimano launches its new cable system with polymer coat, which claims to be able to reduce the sliding resistance to achieve lighter & quick shifting and braking operation.

It’s all about moving even faster, and innovations to maximize speed and accuracy.

Brand new brake system

Equipped with SLR-EV – brand new SLR with dual symmetric pivot brake caliper, the Dura-Ace 9000 Series highlights its smooth and light operation with increased modulation, translating into an increased braking power of 20% with the new braking cable.

This system promotes better brake control from the hood position with the pivot axle close to hands.

Dura-Ace now 11-Speed

Wider gear combination:
11-23T: 11-21T (10s) + 23T
11-28T: 11-25T (10s) + 28T
12-28T: 12-25T (10s) + 28T

Closer gear combination:
11-25T: 11-25T (10s) + 16T
12-25T: 12-25T (10s) + 18T

With the new gear combinations, it matches various riding disciplines.

Dura-Ace 9000 Series highlights few of its key upgrades:

  1. Overall weight reductions:Weight reduction has been achieved through the optimization of carbon, titanium and aluminum in comparison to the predecessor – Dura-Ace 7900 Series.
  2. Increased chain durability: The HG-EV 11-Speed Chain has an improved resistance rate of 20% achieved through a new surface treatment, ie. PTFE special plating
  3. Robust adjust of shifting performance by accurate ratio
  4. Shimano quality bearings at critical rotational areas
  5. Easy maintenance: Easy shifting and braking cable assemble / adjustment

As for Dura-Ace 9070 Series,

it is equipped with Di2 which features the E-Tube system. Similarly, it is also made much more compact in comparison to its predecessor – 7970:

  • Better Control – Wider click area at rear lever for better ergonomics
  • Front & Rear derailleurs – Lightweight and much more compact in size.
  • Ports available at handlebar and levers – Options are open to be connected to sprinter shifters, cyclocomputers, etc.

Likewise, it is much more lighter at only 2,047g, shedding a total of 172g. All in all, this piece of Shimano’s well-kept secret is now yours to keep. *winks

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