These electric adbikes, as BizzOnWheels refers to them, feature a 40-mile riding range with a ready-to-use mobile billboard-called AdBicy. The idea behind the adbikes is to provide business owners, entrepreneurs and media agencies with effective out-of-home advertising instruments that can be used virtually anywhere and anytime.

“The foundation of our company rests on the belief that our company strives for quality and respect for people and for the environment,” said Ovidiu Teofanescu, BizzOnWheels CEO. “As such, we are always trying to incorporate these aspects into everything we create.”

The five electric adbikes newly launched by BizzOnWheels are the Fat Tire Electric Bike – great for advertising during large outdoor events, the Single Speed Electric Bike and the Folding Electric Bike – designed for effortless urban advertising, the Electric Cruise Bike – intended for long-range outdoor advertising campaigns, and the Electric Bike Ladies’ Edition – designed for women riders and entrepreneurs. Each of them comes with an AdBicy, their most popular mobile billboard. AdBicy won the Jury’s Gold Medal at Geneva’s International Exhibition of Inventions in 2014.

“Our electric adbikes empower business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists to advertise more efficiently in terms of costs and audience targeting,” said Ovidiu Teofanescu. “We also took our eco-minded approach a step further by increasing the post-consumer materials used to make our mobile billboards.”

About BizzOnWheels: 
BizzOnWheels is a manufacturer of mobile billboards, vending carts, cargo bikes and electric bicycles, based in Piatra Neamt, Romania. The company was founded in 2011 with the mission to help companies advertise better and more efficiently, and to provide starting entrepreneurs with affordable bicycle-based business solutions. In addition to these benefits, BizzOnWheels focuses on creating products that have virtually no effect on the environment.