We Asians unlike the other sharper-featured races, unfortunately have smaller eyes (excluding the Indians!), flatter nose, smaller face and maybe, just maybe nicer hair… *oops* Anyway, we have had problems looking for the perfect fit since most eyewears are not meant for Asians!

We list down the important things you need to consider when investing in an expensive eyegear, other than looking awesomely-fantabulously-irresistably suave…..!! In short, choosing a cycling eyewear is like choosing a wife…. =)

( I think I hear some AMENs)

1. Lenses for the day & night

Photochromic lenses are the best because it automates the light shielding according to the rays, BUT if budget doesn’t allow – Interchangeable lenses are good too! Gives a fresh fashion forward look everytime you change the lenses. Choose the right lens color – Brown or amber lenses are the best color for high glare and improved depth perception.

Lens choices vary from Photochromic to Polarized to Polycarbonate, etc etc. Which is the best? Wherever budget allows. Seriously. As long as it protects you against debris and harmful UV rays.

2. Weight.

The ideal eyegear is light to minimize any possible friction around the ears. A good pair should also provide proper ventilation so that you could be sure that there will not be any misting on the glass when you go uphill or near cold places.

3. Comfort. – It’s a bonus to look good, but the perfect eyewear must be able to SEE you through all BUMPS in life.

“To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for sunny days, for rainy moments, in warm weather or in cold days, to love and to cherish ’till its death do us part….”

Based on the above – BaikBike recommends Oakley Jawbone

Practical, Comfortable and most of all.. Fashionable.

So BaikBikers – What’s your favorite eyewear?