Company starts Kickstarter campaign to raise money to bring unusual compact bicycle kit to market

The Bellcycle is the most original take on the bicycle in over a hundred years. Its a complete re-imagination of what a bicycle is. Because of its unique design the Bellcycle is extremely compact. Gone are the days of the bad back from hunching over the handlebars, instead you are riding upright and comfortable. Cargo bike? Child carrier? Electric bike? The Bellcycle is modular and can transform to meet the riders need.

Alex Bell the creator of the Bellcycle says, “I threw away all conventional understanding of what a bicycle is and said what would a inexpensive, modular and comfortable commuting bike look like? It would be easy to repair, it would convert into a cargo bike or tricycle depending on the day and you would sit upright with your hands by your side as if you were sitting in a chair.”

Mr. Bell has spent the last four years designing and iterating the design to the point it is today. The parts are all sourced from high grade materials such as 6061 Aluminum and the bicycle parts are from established and reputable manufacturers.

The Bellcycle will be the first step in an ecosystem of city vehicles from bicycles to transporters which share the same basic DNA of simplicity, modularity and low cost. And each one will challenge the convention of what is normal.

“When you bought a Model T Ford it came with a manual for repairing the engine and using the car to plow a field or dig a well. Todays car manual tells you how to avoid hurting yourself while storing your coffee cup. We want the Bellcycle to awaken in people the DIY spirit to build and invent solutions to their transportation problems,” explains Alex Bell.

The Bellcycles kit starts on Kickstarter at 249$.