James Thomas has a bicycle design competition for an Asian bike share.

Entrepreneur Frank Chu in Singapore is piloting Isuda Bike Share. Isuda (易速达), which is Mandarin for “fast & easy,” uses portable kiosks that can be quickly moved to balance demand with supply. Unlike the kiosks used by Alta Bike Share, which are truck-movable and require some dismantling and assembly for the move, Chu’s kiosks are big metal boxes mounted on a trailer. You hitch it up and move it out to whatever new location you want, with the bikes still inside the kiosk.

This ultra-portability of the kiosk seems to drive some of the interesting design requirements in the bike share contest. Isuda currently uses “mini” style bikes similar to Dahon folding bikes and their innumerable knock-offs.

Isuda Bicycle Share Singapore

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