With the iPhone 4 still in craze now and people are QUEUEING up once the phones arrive at the store… Here comes Bike Mount, making iPhone 4 – the perfect cycle computer.

(Source: Dahon.com)


  • Weatherproof – welded touch-sensitive membrane prevents water ingress
  • 360 degree pivot – portrait or landscape mode, it’s your choice
  • Shock resistant – protective silicone lining inside the hard outer shell (Not recommended for off-road use)
  • Weather protected openings for camera, headphones and charge cable
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3G

This bike mount is a hard shell covering the fragile iPhone 4 and then secured onto the bike with a double-pivot latch. Unlike most low quality phone condoms, the surface is a touch-sensitive membrane making it possible for cyclists to manoeuvre the apps while cycling. The interior of bike mount also features a soft silicone liner that ensures shock resistance.

The spokesman of BioLogic, Mr. Jackson Chen explains why this ingenius bike mount can make iPhone 4 the perfect cycle computer:-

1.      iPhone 4 is already equipped with various cycling and mapping applications
2.      Bike mount protects the phone from mud and sweat while cycling
3.      Bike mount is fully compatible with the BioLogic ReeCharge personal powerpack, which recharges the iPhone wherever you are


Looks like if you’re a cyclist and own an iPhone 4, it makes you a bimbo cyclist if you don’t put your iPhone4 to use while cycling….!

The question is –