MELAKA: Cases of illegal bicycle racing or Mat Lajak, a menace in Johor, are now occurring in Melaka as well.

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said the problem was found in the state but was not as rampant as in Johor.

“We are closely monitoring the antics of the teenage cyclists or Mat Lajak.

DCP Abdul Jalil said the police regularly inspected such groups on the roads.

 “The police also contact their parents and advise them to monitor their children’s activities closely, especially at night,” he said.

DCP Abdul Jalil said the young cyclists usually carry out their dangerous activities after midnight and on weekends.

He said the children go out cycling in groups and perform their stunts that can disrupt traffic as well as endanger other road users.

“Parents must constantly be aware of their children’s whereabouts, especially after midnight.

“Check their rooms or sleeping areas to ensure they are there,” he said.

The issue of Mat Lajak caught the attention of Malaysians after eight boys died and another eight were injured in an incident that occurred at 3.30am on Feb 18 in Johor Baru.

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