HEY people!
In this issue, let’s discuss about taking the Light Rail Transit and Monorail with your folding bike.

The RapidKL now readily accepts folding bikes on their trains.

Now, there was an issue where a mountain biker had tried to board a train with his ride and was stopped from doing so.
As a foldie, the advantages are clear..

You can pack your bike in a carrying bag and board the train without much hassles. But despite all that, there were incidences where cyclists got into heated arguments with the transit people.

So, before you go ballistic, take a chill pill.

If properly done, train commuting can be fun!

Be considerate to other commuters who also paid full-fare for their rail rides.
And for the record: RapidKL allows folding bikes into their trains.

But there is a catch. You can only utilise this during non-peak hours and are advised to pack your bike into a carrying bag. This was made clear during the Prasarana Folding Bike ride which was held sometime in December last year. One of the head honchos of the RapidKL Kelana Jaya LRT line said only folding bikes are allowed into the train.

So, this means, you can travel anywhere within the LRT lines with your bike as long as its a folding bicycle which is properly bagged.
The situation also applies to the KL Monorail. Even before this was cast in stone, I have been using the LRT without any hassles.
The keyword here is to be civil to other train passengers and since you are lugging a folding bike around, be prepared to offer you place to the elderly, handicapped and pregnant commuters.


If you ask me, 16″ folding bikes are the most ideal bicycles for train commutes. They are small, compact and in some cases, if you get a high-end ride, it can be lightweight (the lightest is 9kg).

I have been using my Dahon Curve SL for this purpose and have had loads of fun cycling around Kuala Lumpur’s city centre in my train and ride excursions.

Getting ready to roll out on a Dahon Curve D3 at the Masjid Jamek station in Kuala Lumpur's city centre.

Cycling around Jalan Pudu in Kuala Lumpur.


– Invest in a good and sturdy bag meant for transporting folding bike.
– Be kind, fold your bike and find room to stand.
– In crowded areas, be ready to get squashed and always keep you eyes peeled on your bike.
– Make it a point to clean your chains as they may get dirty.
– Carry of lot of spare change or invest in a Touch ‘n Go card.

The writer on his way back to Petaling Jaya after a successful outing on the LRT.

By Samo