Maybe Malaysians being Malaysians, we might not have heard of ZIXTRO.

With ZIXTRO joining the panel sponsors of SHIMANO UUM Bike Challenge 2010 & giving away goodies to our BaikBike readers – Maybe it’s time we let you know more about them.

So – let’s do a little bit of introduction here. =)

ZIXTRO has proven its worth since 2005 by continuously innovating & creating leading designs, bringing with them over 20 years of experience in the golf bag industry. Its mark of distinction is its very own signature quick-release mounting system – view this video.

In a short period of time, ZIXTRO has gained global presence in Asia, Australia and Europe. Read about it here, here and here.

This relatively young cycling brand boasts of its innovative personality, and its aggressive approach in product development. Essentially, it is their mission to offer a new product line – Cool enough to bring around; Practical enough for sports; and “confirm” Idiot-proof.

It’s all about carrying your most valued babies with you wherever you are. *winks*

And this, totally defies the very 1st preconception for sports – CARRY NOTHING.
And makes you, a ZIXTRO user – a pioneer.

We commend them for being so courageously different in defying what humans think of sporting.

Just a brief study on ZIXTRO made us realize:-

1. It is TOTALLY possible to cycle with a camera with PhotoTourer

2. THULE is not the only Rear Rack provider on earth

3. There’s a UBER cool ZIXTRO bag with the name – Urban “Penetrator” (?!?!)

Log on to the Official Website – www.zixtro.com


You must be wondering.. How does this relate to you??? *ahemm*

We are offering you a chance to win a ZIXTRO Shell >>

Tell us – “How will ZIXTRO Shell enhance my cycling experience?” in an article and submit before 20th November! =)

There are 2 to be won! To join the contest, read this for more information