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Motorex, who boasts of its excellent product offering and extensive range of professional bike maintenance products, has set foot here to tell you all the good news!

The Motorex 4 in 1 Cleaning Kit includes:

  • MOTOREX EASY CLEAN chain degreaser, 500 ml spray can;
  • MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN bicycle cleaner, 500 ml spray bottle;
  • MOTOREX DRY LUBE chain lubricant, 100 ml;

… and the essentials! Practical bucket, sponge and cotton cloth for easy and effective care.

Motorex Easy Clean Chain Degreaser 500ml

  • Highly active cleaner for all drive train components, especially effective on oily and greasy dirt.
    Penetrates even the smallest gaps, dries without leaving a residue and is non-corrosive.
  • Application: Spray cleaner on chain and derailleur. Allow to penetrate. Depending on the amount of dirt, clean with a brush or rag. Relubricate cleaned parts with MOTOREX DRY LUBE or WET LUBE after cleaning, as the cleaner has a very strong degreasing effect.
  • Retails at RM63/-

Motorex Bike Clean Bicycle Cleaner 500ml

  • Highly effective, solvent-free gel cleaner especially for very dirty bicycles.
    MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN quickly loosens and removes mud, soil, dust, etc. Leaves
    no greasy residue and does not affect brake action.
  • Application: Remove large clods. Spray cleaner over entire bicycle. Allow 5 minutes to penetrate, then rinse with water.
  • Retails at RM56/-


Motorex Dry Lube Chain Lubricant 100ml

  • Biodegradable, fully synthetic oil wax-based lubricant. The MOTOREX DRY LUBE penetrates faster and forms a homogeneous surface that protects the chain against dirt and dust.
  • This lubricant provides enhanced lubrication combined with outstanding
    protection against corrosion and wear and reduces abrasion. Ideal for lubrication in dry, dusty conditions.
  • Application: Apply product to dry, clean chain while turning pedals. Avoid contact with brakes – the product may impair brake action! Shake well before using.
  • Retails at RM36/-

Here’s the good news…

Pedalspot, on behalf of Motorex is giving out two (2) Motorex 4 in 1 Cleaning Kit worth MYR180 each to reward BaikBike readers who are attentive to the Motorex products and know them inside out!

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