[Hong Kong, 26 May 2017]  Markus Pukonen is a man on a mission. He has now pogo-sticked, canoed, trimaraned, handcycled, rafted, tricycled, kayaked, skied, bicycled, rowed, sailed and danced all the way from Toronto, Canada to Hong Kong, without ever using a motor.


Time: Saturday 27 May 2017 at 12:00 noon

Location: Aldrich Bay Promenade by water beside basketball courts (map)

Markus will then Standup Paddle across the harbour to Lei Yue Mun Coast Light Tower (Shung Shun St, Yau Tong) (map).

Contact : Markus Pukonen 5969 6075 markuspukonen@gmail.com
The adventurer is spending five years circumnavigating the planet, in one continuous trip, without ever using a motor. His goal is to raise US$10 million for local sustainability leaders along the route.

Named One of Canada’s Top Explorers, Markus began his adventure on 13 July 2015, in his hometown of Toronto in Canada. His journey of 82,000 kilometres began at the bottom of Silverbirch Avenue, where the ashes of his parents are buried.

He recently arrived in Hong Kong on a 30-foot sailboat after sailing 15,000 km across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco. He has now travelled 23,816 km without ever using a motor. No planes, trains, automobiles, not even an escalator or elevator. Markus takes the stairs.

Along the route he is partnering with small, non-profit organisations, such as Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, that are committed to building a healthy planet for generations to come. Each shares his goal of creating social or environmental change. He is currently in search of further such organisations here in Hong Kong.

Supporters can donate a penny per kilometre that Markus travels and follow routesofchange on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or a live interactive map at www.routesofchange.org.

His goal is not to set records, although that may happen along the way, but to create change in the world around us.

“I am committed to building Routes of Change into a powerful force of improvement to create a healthy future for generations to come,” he says. “It is time to change.”

Markus has faced many extreme challenges along the way. “I’ve skied solo through deep snow and avalanche terrain, rafted into ice dams that threatened to take my boat and me into the icy depths of the river, I’ve narrowly escaped massive moose and black bears, and sailed solo on a 9-metre boat over 8,000 miles of the Pacific Ocean, beyond sight of land for up to three weeks.”

Markus will be in Hong Kong until mid-June as he plans his journey into China and westwards overland, by bike and other non-motorised modes. He has been on the route now for 1 year and 295 days.