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As my friend  Dave waited at the top of Patong Hill in Phuket for the rest of us, he happen to meet Kevin from Ireland who was on his way to cycle round the globe to raise fund for Irish Cancer Society. They exchanged story and made it a point to meet up in KL in a couple of day’s time.

At the top of Patong Hill

It was a great opportunity to meet Kevin and Laurence. We gave them a lift to the airport as they are flying off to Melbourne to continue their journey. They’ve covered a distance of 17000km over the span of 150 days!

Kevin was with Microsoft Ireland before he left the comfort of home for a good cause.  Meanwhile, Laurence is a qualified RLSS Beach Lifeguard and ISA Surf Instructor in Bundoran. Two men, two bikes and ONE mission.

Having had someone close being diagnosed with cancer recently, Kevin wanted to do all he could to contribute to the effort of finding a cure and hence the taking up this challenge in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. They are fully self-sponsored and 100% of the donation goes to Irish Cancer Society.

The amount of miles on the tarmac was pretty painful for the first 2000km on the brand new Brooks saddle. However after 2000km, when the saddle is finally nicely molded, it is simply best to nothing! They had a GPS but hardly used as they find local map more convenient. No specific route to take nor any detailed planning. Tomorrow shall worry for itself.  Of course they have a schedule to follow, simply no exact route. They travel approximately 150km a day or 7 to 8 hours a day on the saddle.

Check out the molded Brooks Saddle

Since they are on a tight budget, they camped out most of the time except when they had no choice. They are fully equipped with gas stove and other basic necessities to camp out. Toughest time so far was in India where they had to camp and it was really hot and humid and the mosquitoes just made life more difficult. Nevertheless, they made it till here!

After this, their next challenge is a 4000km ride from Melbourne to Cairns! All the best Kevin and Laurence!

To make a donation for their cause and to follow their progress, do visit their site at

By Lydia Tan