We are seeing more and more passionate cyclists who still cycle in the rain!

Yes, Malaysia has somewhat notorious weather and most of the time it deters cyclists like us to pursue our perfect bod….. *cough cough* Well, but if you are a commuter cyclist, I guess cycling in the rain doesn’t sound so estranged to you!

There’s nothing wrong about cycling in the rain – just gotta be careful of risks: Slippery road, blurred vision (not you! the car drivers!), damp saddle, “over-lubricated” brakes, etc etc.

For cyclists, rain comes from all directions: UPWARDS –  from the sky and DOWNWARDS – splashed by cars. So, it is a MUST for cyclists to get “WATERPROOF”.

1. Cycling Gear

When cyclists risk their health in Malaysian rain, we must be mindful of the possibility of “rheumatism” due to getting our limbs chilled. Get covered and protected – Time to heck care the wet beauty bod.

  • Prepare a raincoat… JUST IN CASE! We know it’s not the most flattering piece of clothing article on earth……
  • You’ve got 2 choices: No. 1 – Just get wet totally. Don your cycling jersey; No.2 – Be as dry as possible. Wear a windbreaker before donning your raincoat.
  • Bring a change of socks & shoes
  • NEVER forget your eyegear when riding! It is most dangerous when you ride with blurred vision. Rather have “barely-see” vision than to have NO vision!
  • Don’t get your head chilled. Wear a bandana/headgear underneath your helmet to slowdown heat loss.

2. Protect your bicycle

  • Use a shower cap to cover the saddle while it’s parked
  • Avoid skidding through a messy puddle by avoiding curbs because you might not be able to spot that enormous hole on the road (as usual, it’s Malaysian roads)
  • Clean it after the ride – You don’t want mud stuck inside!

3. Protect yourself

  • Dump the Umbrella! It’s more hazardous holding it!
  • Motor-engined vehicles have higher tendency to lose control while the road is slippery. Beware!
  • Fill your stomach before riding in cold weather, at least a banana? Whether to contain warmth or to fill the empty stomach, it works best when keeping you awake on road.
  • When brakes become wet, stopping time increases a lot. Ride slower in wet weather, and get accustomed to the new “braking” duration all over again. Pump the brakes gently while going down hills; this will reduce the bicycle’s speed slightly and dry the the tyres a bit.

Above all, be careful. And, don’t take your health for granted.

Anything else you wanna add? Drop us a comment.