A SPECIAL bike ride event is aiming to get more women on their bikes

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A whopping three times as many men as women in the UK ride bikes, with just one in fifty women getting their feet on the pedals once a week or more.

British Cycling’s Breeze Network was set up to change all that, and the launch of the Big Breeze Bike Ride on June 23 and 24 aims to get women all over Milton Keynes back on their bikes.

Part of the UK’s biggest ever initiative to boost female cycling, the Big Breeze Bike Ride will see thousands of like-minded women up and down the country setting up local rides to share the two-wheeled fun.

Research from British Cycling found that nearly a million women would like to start riding a bike, but many are put off by a lack of confidence and someone to ride with.

Rides by and for women is a great way to combat that, and 2012 – a special year for British women’s cycling – seems the perfect time to get started.

No bike? No problem. The website www.goskyride.com – Breeze Find a Bike option will let you search by postcode for your nearest bike hire or women-friendly bike shop.

For more information on setting up or joining a Big Breeze Bike Ride, check out the app on Facebook www.facebook.com/BreezeNetwork page. You’ll also find lots of ideas, tips and inspiring stories.

Source: Milton Keynes Citizen