Cycling to work

It seems like no matter how much most of us love cycling, it seems like Mission Impossible to cycle to work.

Yes, we all know that it is a norm in other countries, but HELLOOOooo… ?!

Before we start despising drivers and people who never cycle, we should look at the circumstances we are in.

Facilities at the workplace

Most of Malaysia’s offices are not equipped with shower rooms as most of this trend has just recently penetrated the market. Yet, is it necessary for developers to spend on shower rooms?

Chicken and egg story. They won’t be able to find out how many will put the shower rooms to good use, since there are not many shower rooms around!

Shower room is one thing; Hygiene is another.

Having shower rooms alone isn’t sufficient. Clean and regularly maintained shower rooms are KEY to making the whole experience more comfortable.

Malaysia Weather

You see, Malaysia is located just above the equator with the same temperature all around the year.

At at average temperature of 29°C (84.2°F), cycling outdoors means your risking having body odor.

Oh, other than that –

With heat, comes Sweat; With sweat, comes frustration; With frustration, comes pimples.
So not worth it right?

It’s a trade between advocating green AND stroke, body odor, & pimples.

So in short,

if you’re the boss, architect, or interior designer – You should definitely incorporate shower rooms at the workplace! It’s not only about advocating green, it is also about looking forward 20 years, when cycling is to become a norm.

(Besides with shower rooms, you can force your staff to stay overnight….) *oops*

Because this small act benefits our lungs 🙂

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  • Din AA

    I thing its quite dangerous cycling to work in Malaysia, especially in the Klang valley. Many if not most of our divers belong to the harakiri type!
    We can try cycling in the motorbike lanes; but then again our bikers or mat rempits are no better!
    If my workplace is within a few kilometres from home, maybe I’ll cycle to work.

  • Foldie_fan

    With car sales of > 100,000 per annum in Malaysia, the stress and expense of driving to work can only increase in future. Hopefully, our public transport will improve and we will see more people shifting to commuting. We bikers must lobby for a more bicycle friendly cities and suburbs with public transport system that allow at least folding bikes. At the moment, bike commuting in KL is for the real bike enthusiasts (the real road warriors!!!). There are also some ultralite compact foldable bike that u can be carried into the LRT without anyone noticing (in a zipped bag). If you have been to Penang recently, u will notice bike lanes being drawn and bike road sign on the road. It is a good start to create awareness that motorist need to share the road with cyclists. KL cyclists should start campaigning for KL to become a more bicycle friendly city.

  • Foldie_fan

    Watch this video about 3 cycling cities. Surprisingly Bogota, Columbia has great people infrastructure (for pedestrian/cyclist)
    Kuala Lumpur is a long way behind in this respect.

  • Tan Soe Liang

    Talking about “sweating”, I think the conclusion is funny.For those who commute to work, some must walk 1-2 km to their working place. u00a0If given a choice, u00a0commute + folding bicycle , that will save lots of sweating.u00a0OTH, with parking become more expensive, some car drivers try to save a few bucks by parking their car far away from their working place. Again, sweating.u00a0nnnIn addition , it is absurd by keep using theu00a0u00a0temperature as excuses. 29u00b0C ? That is afternoon sun temperature. I doubt few employee start work at noon.u00a0

  • Hack My Business

    How about an alternative? Electric assisted bike so that the cyclist don’t need to pedal so hard. But then the G still thinking about it or it is banned

  • flake

    I can do without the showers. My problem is building management(s) never let me park the bike. I even applied for season pass that is available for motorbike for a fee, but even that was rejected.