Ironically, a person in healthcare like doctors and dentists, have little time to care for their own personal health. For dentist Amelia Shelton, the daily grind was demanding and draining her both physically and mentally.

However, in 2017 a change was sparked in Amelia when she met Sandra Loh, who had cycled across the four corners of the Malaysian Peninsular in 2009.

“The first thing Sandra did was to invite me to cycle with her. She even offered to lend me her bike when I told her I didn’t have one. We cycled across some gorgeous views that weekend and that was the start.” said Amelia.

From Sandra’s motivation, Amelia saved up and bought her first road bike and started taking part in any events that involved cycling, swimming or running. Further inspired by her mentor, family and friends, Amelia will be competing in her first IRONMAN 70.3 event at Langkawi this weekend.

“The locals here (in Langkawi) even have songs about IRONMAN! It is one of the biggest events here. People would just stand by the roads and cheer the athletes on. I always thought it was pretty cool, and now I will get to be a part of it.” continued Amelia.