This day on 22nd January 2011, our BaikBike crew paid a visit to Rodalink Bangsar to witness the launching of new DAHON Bikes and arrival of BioLogic products. Here we see the showcase of various brands under LeRun’s distributorship – Polygon, SHIMANO, fizik, Marin, Topeak, Selle Royal and many more!

It is no wonder why LeRun is one of the largest distributor and retailer in Malaysia.

This is Ruey Chan – the Man in charge of DAHON and BioLogic.

Ruey kickstarted the event by introducing Sam Cheong, who explained to us, non-foldies on the advantages of riding a folding bike, his experience, his trips and his adventures with his DAHON Speed P8.

Along with his Speed P8, he attached lights and highly recommended the very indispensable Garmin Oregon GPS which is both weatherproof and keeps you on the right track; and MKS pedals which are long-lasting and just may last long enough to pass to your great grandkids!

“The advantage about riding a 20-inched wheel bike, is that you can get it repaired anywhere, repair yourself, if you give up repairing, JUST TAKE A TAXI HOME.”

Sam, 42 and his beloved wife, Michelle, 38 is one couple who cycle together. Not forgetting the endless wife-pictures he has shown in his presentation!

Sam also added that the Folding Bike Club organizes training rides every Sunday at Ulu Langat, and scheduled rides for each following month:-

  • February 2011 – Betong, Thailand
  • March 2011 – Malacca
  • April 2011 – Ipoh
  • May 2011 – Taiping

Then, Mr Choy a.k.a. Uncle Choy who is unbelievably 63 this year, reminded all to take safety precautions while cycling, cycle safe and to be a responsible cyclist.

“Everyone here must be safety conscious, because if anything happens to us, it will deter people from cycling.”

As for the safety measures, we’ll talk to you next round in excruciating detail…

Uncle Choy has altogether 1 Hybrid bike, 1 MTB and 5 folding bikes. One of his bikes is 26 years old and unlike the newer DAHON bikes, this bike is much heavier, but still going strong. We are truly standing before a “Foldie Fanatic”.

BB: What made you become a Foldie?
UC: 26 years ago when I was visiting UK, I picked up their foldie lifestyle, the feeling of just travel anywhere!

BB: You have many folding bikes, what are the main criteria to buying one?
UC: Many do not know how to appreciate the beauty of folding bikes. A folding bike is meant to be compact. Buy one which is compact enough to travel. I have an entry level folding bike – DAHON Eco 3 which is only 23.5” x 11.5” when folded. I can put it in my luggage bag and still store clothes!

BB: For you, what is the main advantage of cycling?
UC: Save petrol. I used to pump 5 times a month, now it’s only twice a month.

Right after Uncle Choy’s reminder of being safe on the road, here comes the most exciting part of the day. The unveiling of DAHON and BioLogic products!


Mu Uno – RM 2,129 Click Image to Enlarge

Speed TR – RM 4,539 Click Image to Enlarge

IOS P8 – RM 2,979 Click Image to Enlarge

IOS XL – RM 5,929 Click Image to Enlarge

Dash P18 – RM 2,698 Click Image to Enlarge

Dash X20 – RM 6,289 Click Image to Enlarge

Vector X10 – RM 5,409 Click Image to Enlarge

Vector X27h – RM 6,329 (Best for Triathlete) Click Image to Enlarge

Vector X20 – RM 9,879 Click Image to Enlarge

Pango Foldeble Helmet – RM 338

Even helmets are foldable!

BioLogic Bicycle Accessories & Bike Gear

Oh yes, the ones we have been waiting for for some time…

Grips – RM 69

iPhone 3G Bike Mount – RM 174

iPhone 4 Bike Mount – RM 196
Not arrived yet. Register your interest by dropping a comment!

Blast Airhorn – RM 120

ReeCharge – RM 353
USB Charger for your iPhone, GPS, etc.

Not forgetting a quick chat with Ruey..

BB: Hi Ruey, this is the first time BioLogic is in Malaysia, what makes you wanna bring them in?
RC: Due to the high mass market demand for accessories, BioLogic products came to us at the right time! It was launched overseas just barely 2 months ago.

BB: I just realized that all the new bikes are pretty much expensive and high-end compared to your existing product range, why the change in market direction?
RC: Over the 2 years ever since DAHON is in the market, we’ve noticed the increase of awareness and the demand for high-end bikes. Most of these bikes you see today have been booked!

BB: Where do we get to purchase these bikes?
RC: Come to Rodalink Bangsar or the other outlet in Klang (Bandar Botani), the sample bikes are placed there for testing. Stock availability varies according to different models. The next batch will be arriving Malaysia in April 2011, so if there are interested parties, do let us know in advance.

So BaikBikers, if you’re ready to purchase one and can’t get hold of them?

Drop us a comment here to register your interest