Deliveroo, in association with Perkbox and specialist insurer, Bikmo, will be offering their drivers sickness and accident insurance, representing a monumental moment for the company.

Deliveroo has been working with Perkbox, the online perk platform, since 2016 to provide riders with access to a range of offers including bike repair tools, cycling equipment, high street and entertainment discounts, regular treats such as free coffee and cake, and perks sourced specifically for Deliveroo riders.

Deliveroo riders can now access the first sickness and accident insurance available to on-demand food delivery riders in the UK. The new industry-leading cover, from Bikmo accessible exclusively through Perkbox, means Deliveroo riders can claim 75% of their average weekly income for up to 26 weeks if they are unable to work due to illness or as a result of an injury while working.

Cyclists will also have access to public liability insurance, a first-of-its-kind policy for food delivery cyclists. The new scheme will give Deliveroo riders up to £2 million in public liability insurance, a product previously unavailable to those working on a bicycle.

The illness and accident cover is the first such product available to on demand food delivery platform riders in the UK. The policy is wide ranging, with other measures including:

  • Up to £2,500 in annual medical expenses cover
  • £1,500 annual cover for an overnight hospital stays, and up to £750 for family members to accompany them during their stay
  • Up to £2,000 for dental repair
  • 20 days of jury service cover up to a total of £700
  • Up to £200 phone cover if damaged during an injury causing accident

The availability of the new Bikmo product through Perkbox comes following Deliveroo’s recent submission to the Government’s Taylor Review, in which the company outlined its commitment to end the trade off between flexible working and security.

Commenting, Deliveroo Managing Director UK&IE, Dan Warne said:
“This is the first income protection insurance for on-demand food delivery riders in the UK. This new industry leading insurance package is hugely important for all those who ride with Deliveroo.

“We know the thing our riders value the most is flexibility to fit their work around their lives, rather than their lives to work. But they also deserve security while they’re out on the road. This new insurance gives riders security in the event of an injury while maintaining the flexible work they value.

“We would like to go further, in offering the security we offer riders, but we are currently constrained by the law. As we outlined to the Government’s Taylor Review, we’re committed to providing the flexible work that riders want, alongside the security we believe they deserve. Giving riders access to these products is just one way that we are working to do this but we also want to see the law updated so on demand companies can offer both flexibility and security. We are grateful for Perkbox’s collaboration in making this happen, and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Chieu Cao, CMO and Co-Founder at Perkbox commented:
“As new economies and labour markets flourish, it is important that those in the on demand economy and their families have access to the protection and security they deserve.

“Security is an incredibly important contributor to productivity and engagement. Our ambition is to take the tangible benefits typically associated with traditional employment models and apply them to flexible working models.

“We are thrilled Deliveroo has taken this hugely positive step with us, and look forward to partnering with other companies in the space that are prepared to do the same.”

David George, CEO at Bikmo, added:
“Whether our customers ride to live, or live to ride, our role is simply to give people support and assurance we have got their backs so they can get out there and get the most out of work and play. As the fastest growing cycle insurer, we’re stoked to be supporting riders on their mission with the fastest growing on-demand food provider.”