Writer Calvin Seak (right) at the DRCC King of Mountain Challenge 2018

Starting just outside of Ipoh to the highlands of Cameron, the DRCC King of Mountain Challenge provided 59 kilometres full of adrenaline rush to top 2018!

What attracted me most to join this race was being able to ride with Heng Chye (pic above), a buddy whom I train and ride a lot with and as time passes by he inspires me in many other ways!

We managed to book a homestay close just 4km shy from the starting line at Symphony Hotel.  It was flat from the starting line till we hit the foot hills of Cameron Highlands and that was where I already lost Heng Chye. I couldn’t keep it up with his pace and decided to take it easy this time around as I had just finished my first full IRONMAN distance at the IRONMAN Langkawi Triathlon three weeks prior to the race.    

The race was pretty well organised, as there was police escort throughout the race. They were ensuring every cyclist’s safety and the police was controlling smooth traffic flow for both directions. This is a great initiative as I knew I could focus on my race instead of incoming traffic from behind.

Throughout the race there were many familiar faces and I was glad I wasn’t alone suffering through this race. I made some small talk to each one of my friends which made the race much more memorable.

At every passing kilometre, there were water stations placed strategically along the course, rehydrating everyone throughout the course. There was plentiful of water at every water station which I noticed every time I passed by one. 

Powered by my Trek bicycle across the finishing line, I was greeted by many familiar faces and Heng Chye was there waiting for me! There were abundance of food, especially satay – meat on skewers, a delicious local delicacy!

It was a great experience and I will be looking forward to join this race again and I’ll give it all next year!

I would highly encourage people to join this race as Cameron is a wonderful place to ride at, the route isn’t too torturous and the scenery closer to the peak is breathtaking!

As I don’t get to ride such a scenic and wonderful route from where I live, you can count on it that I will be here to race again next year. Volunteers at the water stations were very helpful too. Till then, see you all soon on the road!

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Calvin Seak began cycling because he wanted to join Triathlon races and is now the ambassador for Trek Bikes Malaysia. Cycling has brought him to many wonderful places that he has never imagined and every weekend, he looks forward to explore new routes on his two wheels!