SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Postmates, the nation’s largest on-demand “anything” network, today announces an expansion of its zero-emissions fleet initiative, which will enable faster deliveries in the Pacific Northwest, while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Through an expanded partnership with Silicon Valley-based GenZe, Postmates will launch a fleet of e-Bike delivery vehicles in Seattle and Portland, Ore. These electric bicycles offer local couriers a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to increase orders while enabling customers to realize faster delivery times.

Postmates’ new e-Bike delivery fleet in the Pacific Northwest builds on the success of the platform’s two-wheel electric vehicle initiative launched in New York and San Francisco earlier this year. The pilot program recently reached a milestone of 100 GenZe 2.0e model e-Scooters in New York City, adding to a nationwide total of nearly 250 GenZe electric vehicles currently in-use for Postmates deliveries.

“As technology has created new opportunities for businesses to distribute their products, for citizens to connect with the cities around them, and for workers to flexibly supplement their income, Postmates recognizes that we also have a mission to help cities build a thriving, sustainable future that works for everyone,” said Vivek Patel, vice president of business operations at Postmates. “e-Bikes allow us to reduce our carbon footprint while making a positive impact on the bottom line for our couriers.”

Postmates helps customers unlock the best of their cities — from local restaurants, to coffee runs to everyday essentials — by bringing it to their door in minutes. Through its network of ‘Postmates,’ the company is transforming the way food and merchandise move through cities — and helping local businesses better compete against retail goliaths.

“Our partnership with Postmates has already proven how effective two-wheel electric vehicles can be for on-demand delivery in New York City and San Francisco,” said GenZe Chief Marketing Officer Tom Valasek. “From a practical standpoint, nothing is more efficient than an e-Bike for short-distance transportation in cities. These vehicles offer couriers a low-cost, low-maintenance, no-hassle way to get around town and increase deliveries.”

The fleet investment will boost average earnings for Postmates and minimize traffic gridlock. When delivering in crowded urban areas, the ability to get around traffic, park or get across town quickly makes all the difference in earnings generated for Postmates as well as delivery times for a customer.

“Our e-Bikes can go anywhere a conventional bicycle can go, but with the added benefit of electric power,” added Valasek. “Plus, GenZe e-Bikes have a removable battery that conveniently and quickly recharges with a standard wall outlet — allowing couriers to make more stops per hour, without refueling at a gas station or sitting in traffic.”

To mark the fleet milestone in the Pacific Northwest, Postmates has teamed up with vegan-fresh restaurant, Veggie Grillto offer free delivery of their new fall “meatless” menu across locations in Seattle and Portland. To access their menu, download the app on iOSAndroid or visit

Postmates couriers can sign up to access GenZe e-Bike delivery vehicles in Seattle and Portland by visiting: