There are some cyclists who must have a cyclometer on their bikes. However, as the constant improvisation of gadgets dictates our lifestyle, and it becomes easier to record our activities. The same way you are addicted to Facebook or Twitter, where you update the world of your most recent activity!

Coming back to being a cyclist – You are recently very motivated, and can’t wait to share the track you were on… What should you do?

Option 1: Buy a GPS.

It is Idiot-proof! However on top than the high gadget cost, you will also need to purchase maps.

Option 2:   Go to Blackberry application and type “Endomondo”

And this is my answer to you. This application is pretty complete, in the sense that if it comes a day when you get bored of cycling – You can take your dog out for a jog in the park, with the application supporting this kind of sport!

Blackberry is not alone in Endomondo! You can install it in a phone with GPS support, ie. Nokia, iPhone, Palm, HTC, etc.

If you have already downloaded, install and register with Endomondo’s Official Website, and you’re ready to use it!

The website enables you to comment on other people’s training and you can add your friends too. By tracking your cycling performance with your phone, you can easily review your progress on the website, then set your next goal with this application.

This application tracks your average speed, elevation, calories and distance.

Other than just physical motivation, it plays music while recording your performance. Yes, you just need to set the playlist on your phone and Endomondo will be able read and play it. It’s a good form of motivating yourself during training! This application is good enough for me.

So, I highly recommend this to you for the following reasons:

1.       Its free – YEAH, you can buy the non-free version with the additional graph. But for me the free version is all that I need.

2.       Easy to use

3.       You can download routes ( this app is Garmin compatible ) and interact with other user

4.       Detailed information on your performance

5.       Real time position

Here is my workout training
(Click for larger image)

By Sonny Ardi