Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - Group photo

History was created as 100 Colnago owners embarked on 120 kilometers in honour of the first Colnago Putrajaya ride starting from Malaysia’s administrative capital, Putrajaya.

Colnago owners came from far and wide across the region, representing Indonesia, Singapore and Phillipines besides a strong show from the host country. Spirits were flying high and the starting line at Pullman Putrajaya hotel was abuzz on a bright and sunny morning, perfect for a ride to the Gold Coast beach at Bagan Lalang.

This was the day for Colnago owners to bring out their pride and joy, and take it on a spin among their own ‘breed’ as this ride was exclusively limited to Colnago owners. It was a thrill to spot many special and limited editions like the Colnago Ferrari CF8 and even a mysterious-looking Da Vinci edition. There’s only 60 handmade-in-Italy pieces of the 60th anniversary limited edition, yet 2 of those with matt black tubes and shiny silver lugs were in our presence.

Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - 60th anniversary

We had to cast the morning salutations and admirations aside to start off the ride which led into idyllic, undulating country roads through towns of Salak Tinggi and Sepang. There was minimal traffic, the paved roads were in good condition and was mostly flat, save for one small hill. One could not help but observed that this must be the most expensive peloton on a single ride ever! The total cost of this peloton could afford to buy a few Ferarris.

The same Indonesian group of riders whom had also joined the Colnago Kuching Ride earlier in the year, enjoyed themselves whole-heartedly, they made sure they returned for another dose. They also asked if more Colnago rides would be organised. Now, that’s enthusiasm!

Indonesian Colnago owners make a return to the Colnago Ride

Indonesian Colnago owners make a return to the Colnago Ride

After much anticipation, you could almost smell the salty sea as you near the beach front. It was a beautiful with blue skies adorning the sandy coast, littered with children on the beach, combing the sand for cockles or building sand castles. Ah, if only we could stay longer here at the beach and have a picnic or BBQ, after which I’m sure everyone would be glad for a support truck to take us all back to the starting line.

Just as you thought the day was getting too hot, the skies decided to cool us down in the only way they know how, with a big shower of rain! The trick to riding in the rain is to keep your mouth closed, otherwise the spray from the cyclist in front of you will get into your mouth. Not the least bit pleasant, let me assure you.


It was a comforting sight to spot the Pullman Putrajaya hotel as the finish line drew near. The organisers had set up bike stands to park the precious Colnagos elegantly in the courtyard beside the welcoming buffet line.

Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - 55th anniversary

Colnago’s Master 55th anniversary edition



More stories on how the owners acquired their bikes were proudly shared as they trickled in. One gold-plated steel known as the ‘Master 55th anniversary’ stood out among the crowd, one of only ninety nine bikes were made worldwide. With gold and silver highlights and hand-finished cut-out lugs, the Master combines elegance and style, I simply couldn’t avert my gaze. Most owners had brought their bikes out, complete in their original specifications and accessories to showcase the entire package.

Surprisingly, there were a few variations of Colnago’s collaborations with Ferrari over the years in our presence. Though I must say, they were one of the most beautifully designed with striking colour schemes as well.



The V1-r is the best Carbon monocoque frame produced in Colnago’s sixty year history, looking extremely sleek and chic. The owner had just bought this more than a month ago, and noticed the huge difference in the level of responsiveness from her previous Taiwanese-brand bicycle.

Several other owners whom also made the switch from other brands also noticed the level of stiffness which lends to a more responsive, smoother and faster ride. This top of the range Italian brand indeed reigns supreme.



To keep the day’s event interesting, a contest was held to find the lightest bike present for a special prize. Many owners rushed to get their bikes weighed, before a 60th anniversary edition was measured below UCI legal weight.

Many in attendance complimented the day’s ride which was very well organised without a hitch. This Colnago ride should have a place in the calendar of all Colnago owners from far and wide. Join in the camaderie, rekindle the Italian bond and discuss how Ernesto Colnago has made a difference to your lives and the world over.


Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - Classica Colnago

A Carbon Classica Colnago city bike was given away as the grand prize of the lucky draw


Participants received a goodie bag laden with a Colnago cap and water bottle, sunblock from Sun Play, a limited edition jersey and an elegant medal for that extra exclusive touch. Additionally, a Colnago Classica Carbon city bike was given away as the grand prize of the lucky draw.

Rodalink, LeRun, Shimano, Pullman Hotels, 100 Plus Edge and Sunplay were the sponsors of this event and the lucky draw prizes.

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Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - Start line

Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - Start line 3 Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - Gold Coast 2 Colnago Putrajaya Ride 2015 - Gold Coast

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