Can’t make up your mind if it is a good investment on a roof rack when you’ve just picked up the cycling hobby?

Here’s an affordable solution to your question: Rear Racks.
Right – Thule has brought in new rear bike carriers to save your wallet and satisfy that passion:

Passage 2 Bike 910 (Retails at RM500)

Passage 3 Bike 911  (Retails at RM580)

Raceway 3 Bike 9002 (Retails at RM1,250)

Archway 2 Bike 9009 (Retails at RM780)

Archway 3 Bike 9010 (Retails at RM880)

We were at Thule’s flagship store at IKANO Power Centre last Wednesday and spoke to Eugene Wong, Marketing Manager and Ryan Low, Sales Manager of Thule SEA.

BB: Thanks for having us here! Looks like the store is stocked up with new stuff, tell us about what has happened over the past year…

EW: The cycling market has grown tremendously over the year and especially at the professional cycling segment!

RL: Growth has been very positive, and we are very encouraged by how this community is influencing the rest. We are expecting a 30%-50% sales growth in the coming year, and we are ready for it.

BB: Why rear racks?

EW: Rear racks have been a hit ever since it launched years back, and this time we are bringing in improved versions. Ultimately, there are three main reasons:

  • Affordable for a new cyclist, ie. Starting from RM500
  • The current market has seen more cyclists who do short distance cycling, and rear racks will be a good investment
  • Quick release – It’s easier to mount the bikes on, especially when the car is too high for friendly mounting

BB: How has the new Thule rear racks improved, comparing to the previous version?

EW: The new racks have additional hooks to lock the bicycles’ positions from under. This way it minimizes amount of shaking and gives maximum vibration reduction. This is a new feature which the previous versions do not have.

BB: Great! We are happy to know about the community growth too! Other than the new rear racks, what other products do you have in store for us?

EW: Something for downhillers: SideArm 594 (Retails at RM 1,250/-)

With SideArm, the mount hand is bigger and gives higher stability for heavier bikes. Unlike the OutRide, it is not necessary to remove the front wheel for mounting. We encourage cyclists who enjoy downhilling to invest in a carrier which is specifically designed for heavier bikes.

RL: We have also Fairing:

Fairing (Sizes: 32″, 38″, 44″) – Retails at RM450

It’s all about wind reduction and noise reduction.

BB: What other roof mount bike carriers do you carry?

Proride 591 – Retails at RM880/-

Outride 561 – Retails at RM880/-

Freeride 532 – Retails at RM520/-

BB: How much is it for an entire start up for a full roof rack system with the bike carrier? For instance, on the new Perodua Myvi 2011?

The entire system will start from RM1,820 (RM1,300 + RM520). RM52o for FreeRide 532; while RM1,300 roof rack system will include the following items:

Thule Kit 1609
Thule Foot Pack 754
Thule Load Bar: 862
Thule Lock: 544

All Thule products have a 5-year warranty, and products purchased during walk-ins are entitled to FREE installation.

BB: Thule has been monopolizing the bike rack market here in Malaysia and I’m sure you’ve literally witnessed the growth of this community. What is Thule expecting for the coming year and what do you think about the market potential?

RL: If you are a Thule customer, you will truly understand Thule’s quality. This coming year we are encouraging starters to try out the brand and quality to understand why the Thule craze! We see good growth and safe to say, cyclists are Thule’s new customers, occupying 60% – 70% of our customers’ pool.

EW: We are expecting an overall sales growth of over 30% in 2012, and lots of focus will be invested into bike carriers. As for rear racks itself, we foresee a 50% growth.

BB: Where can I purchase Thule bike carriers? Can we purchase online?

RL: Thule products are available at many notable bike shops, else you can drop by at our flagship store at IKANO Power Centre, located at P2 where we have dedicated parking spaces for our customers. This eases the installation process.

You can also visit our authorized online dealers – Bike Rack and Funsportz to check out the products and get advices from them instantly!


Our online dealers provide a “one-stop-station” for user-friendly purposes, and they will be able to provide you with a quote based on your inquiry.

It was a really nice chat with them and we want to thank the two cute lads from Thule for sharing so much insight of the bike market and Thule’s direction with us!

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Prices last updated on 9th June 2012