Writer Heng Chye returned to enjoy the RHB Lekas Highway Ride 2019 on a completely closed highway.

Riding on a completely closed highway is such a privilege, that I just had to return to the RHB Lekas Highway ride this 2019.

I fondly remember it as a ride that is well organised, safe and plenty of fun. So with my cycling buddy in tow – Wilson Chang who was returning for the fifth time; we headed to the start point at the South Kajang toll plaza of the Lekas Highway E32 in Selangor.

The atmosphere of this ride is very unique as the highway is completely closed off from cars and other motorised vehicles, making it a very safe ride for cyclists.

Heng Chye and buddy, Wilson Chang at the RHB Lekas Highway Ride 2019.

Furthermore, it is held at night with cooling temperatures, and you don’t need to slather on sunblock endlessly. Riding 120km on the highway spanning from Kajang to Seremban, would be rather effortless compared to riding in the daytime.

We started the ride with a few other friends as well, looking forward to an enjoyable time together.

However, luck wasn’t on our side as Wilson suffered a puncture just 5km after the start.

Repairing a puncture during the ride

We quickly signalled to the left of the lane to check the puncture. As cyclists, we always wait for each other whenever there are technical issues with our bikes.

As we started to change the tube, a marshall spotted us and came to our assistance. He pulled out his light baton to give warning to other cyclists so that they are aware and avoid knocking into us. Great job!

After fixing the puncture, we continued with our ride. We had to make extra effort and chase up to the pack of 120km cyclists.

We worked together by taking turns at the front and after some serious effort, we were able to catch up with the rest of the cyclists.

Riding with buddies is always more fun!

Due to the hard effort, we were relieved that there were many rest/water stations that we could stop for a fast refill. After recharging ourselves with some bananas and isotonic drinks, we continued pushing ourselves for the rest of the ride.

The distance certainly seems shorter when we enjoyed quick chats with many of our cycling friends along the way. Before we realised it, we were already almost at the finishing line. With 5km to go, we took and easy pace to enjoy the rest of the ride and received our well deserved finishing medal!

This is a ride I’d definitely recommend to all cyclists to have a chance to ride on a highway. It’s especially safe for newbie cyclists, to gain some experience in a safe environment.

More about the cyclist

Gan Heng Chye always tries to outdo himself and enjoys success beating his own PRs. He also aspires to be even stronger as a runner and cyclist as his age increases.