MINI, Renault, HUMMER, Ralliart……

Oh no, it’s not cars we’re looking at now! It’s Folding Bikes, dudes and dudesses!

(Oh yes, from the looks of the background, Christmas sale is going on.. Some bikes are on so good a discount you cannot resist..)

We’re here at Damansara Perdana, at Folding Bikes Trading’s flagship store in Ritze Perdana. If you’re a frequent Damansara kaki, you should know how beautiful this place is for jogging or leisure cycling!

We’re speaking to Well Tan, the Marketing Director of Folding Bikes Trading – who is also responsible of bringing these babies into Malaysia from all around the world. Her frequent visits overseas made up the international and limited edition collection of folding bikes! The bikes they have here are not seen in anywhere else and their customers come all the way from Indonesia. Folding bikes are mobile anyway *winks*

BB: When did this business start and how did it happen for you?

Well: The business started since April 2009 with “mobile” business where we advertised heavily both offline and online, the sales is then concluded with our team visiting our customers personally. The response was tremendous given the face that initially there was no evidently great demand for folding bikes in Malaysia.

BB: When was the showroom open?

Well: The showroom opened end of last year – to be accurate, November 2009. We are since then the 1st and only Folding Bike Specialist. The first product range was MINI bikes, then came Renault and Hummer.

BB: Tell us why the passion in folding bikes…

Well: We ourselves love car brands like MINI, and to think that they are actually bikes! We fell in love and decided to play niche in this market since MTB and roadies are already saturated.

BB: What is the price range for the bikes in your store?

Well: From a entry level of RM 1,000+, to a performance folding bike of RM 10,000.

BB: What are the latest products do you have here?

Well: Most of the models here are first time in Malaysia so to name a few, we have the 1st folding road bike from doppelganger in Malaysia.

Retail price is at RM 1,888, for an entry level roadie.

(A few more awesome ones we see)

Special Edition: Strida SX – 18″

Mini Classic: M161 British Green

Tandem bike: KHS T20 — 20″

BB: What is the main difference for performance bikes?

Well: The entire mechanism is more solid with better components installed in the bike. Essentially, “folding” is just an added feature. A Mountain bike or a Roadie can be a “folding bike”. It’s not a different cycling genre, it’s an added feature.

BB: Is it similar to Mountain Biking or Road Riding, every ride looks like they’re going for a loooong ride…

Well: Truth to be told, riding a folding bike is a lifestyle. You can almost bring the bike wherever you go. You can ride it with casual wear for a leisure ride, or race with a jersey! Folding bikes are extremely flexible. Some of our cyclists match their attire to the bicycles! It’s a very fashionable sport.

BB: As folding bikes are still fairly fresh in Malaysia, what are the efforts your team has invested to contribute to greater awareness?

Well: We do a lot of exposure via publicity on papers, event sponsorships and lots more. We also have a Folding Bike team that rides around. Most importantly, we need to influence more people to adopt the folding-bike-lifestyle.

BB: Is there a certain height or age group for folding bike bikers?

Well: Height wise, as long as you can reach the pedal and pedal away… As for age, I once had a customer who bought a bicycle for her 7 year old daughter. The seat height for folding bikes is adjustable, therefore anybody from 7 years old to 70 years old can ride the same bike! As long as the weight is within 100kgs for standard bikes…

Something for the baby too..

BB: What are the brands do you carry? How do we determine the quality of product?

Well: MINI, HUMMER, Saab, Renault, doppelganger, Ralliart, Montague, KHS, Roxim, etc etc. We only bring in quality products, and it’s simple – the price speaks about the quality. We advise our customers according to their needs and offer consultation services.

BB: What other services do you provide?
Well: If you order and purchase with us online, we can deliver to you via courier service. We also options to purchase insurance for the delivery.

Also, purchases from us will entitle you to a warranty period as offered by the manufacturer itself – This is because we are the sole distributor in Malaysia, if not purchased directly from the sole distributor.

BB: Tell us what are the major benefits of having folding bike?
Well: First and foremost, you don’t have to buy car racks! Your bike doesn’t need to be in the sun or rain, it’s extremely flexible on your ride timing, and when you need it to bring overseas for a ride. The benefits are just endless.

BB: When can we see the Folding Bikers in action?
Well: We organize events regularly and we have rides on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. You can check out our Facebook Page to get latest updates on the rides.

For more information, log on to the Official Webpage at


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Tel: +603 7725 1688
H/P: +6016 393 2229 (Well)


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