In a bizarre turn of events, a young French cyclist was shot on his training ride in Toulouse, France.

Clément Delcros, who rides with the AVC Aix-en-Provence team, was shot in the shoulder by a gunman from a passing car. The 18-year-old said he heard a bang and felt pain in his shoulder but was so shocked he didn’t initially realise he’d been shot.

“I was at the end of a training session and was a kilometre from home. I was riding at 50km/h on a gentle downhill. We were on a ‘normal’ road. I saw a car driving on other side of the road and once it was alongside me, I heard a bang,” said Delcros.

French cyclist Clément Delcros was shot while out cycling. (Clément Delcros)

“I saw I had a wound in my left shoulder. At first I thought someone in the car had thrown a stone or something as a joke. I really didn’t realise straight away. I was bleeding profusely and I soon stopped. People asked me if I needed help but I was near a hospital so I went straight there, on my bike.”

Scans at the hospital confirmed Delcros had a bullet in his shoulder. It hadn’t struck anything serious but had lodged deep, and it was decided it shouldn’t be removed. He returned for a further check-up and later filed a complaint with the police.

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