Fuji’s Matty Reed earned his first victory of the season Saturday in historic fashion.

A wetsuit-clad Reed entered Ironman 70.3 Boise‘s T2 two minutes down to New Zealand’s Callum Millward after combating near-freezing temperatures, rain, and blistering winds on the 15-mile bike (reduced from 56 due to the weather).

Posting a ferocious race-best 1:10:39 run, Reed caught Millward within 400 meters of the line. The two charged to the finish in an unprecedented dead-heat sprint and struck the tape at seemingly the exact same time

Millward was at first declared the winner, but upon further review (3 hours worth), officials declared the first-ever tie in Ironman history.

“We hit that line crazy fast,” said Reed after the race. “It’s always good to know you gave it everything when you hit the line.”

“It’s kind of fun to have two winners,” he added. “As a professional, you respect those you race. They make me a better athlete and push me to bring out my best.”

Reed heads into June 24th’s Philadephia Insurance Triathlon in Fuji’s hometown with some newly-earned confidence and his winning D-6.

Always wanted to know more about the man known as Boom Boom? Check out the video below.