The comment on our blog read like this:

“Hye, My name is Akmal Azfar, i from University Putra Malaysia, I run Putra Bike Center… I teach student to cycle.. I have 30 bicycle for any programme purpose… I can help u to planing route when crossing Penisula Malaysia. Hope we may discuss in area that we can cooperate. I have all the budget and funding.”

What he didn’t mention at the time was the scope of his vision. All students would build and maintain their own bicycles from recycled junk yard parts. His route planning would include mangrove exploration and the southernmost point of continental asia. His convoy would include a bus, a truck, an ambulance, a pacing car, and two marshalls on motorcycles. The partnership would entirely shape our malaysian experience.

In this episode, we share our experience of Akmal, his program and his vision.

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