The idea of using eco-friendliness products is becoming one of the hot topics among consumers today, and the more fashionable people are searching high and low for vintage goods. What better would it be to have both in one, a vintage eco-friendly bicycle?

I stumbled upon a bicycle shop in the small town of Kota Kemuning that has just that – vintage bicycles that builds on the concept of being eco friendly / recycled bicycles. GW Bicycle Boutique carries mainly — USED vintage Japanese bicycles. I also had the opportunity to speak to the person behind this humble vision.

Mr Lee runs a surveillance service business full time. It is through his business that he met his client that supplies imported bicycles to our local retail stores. With the heart to promote cycling and to create a better environment for our planet, Lee gathered sufficient information to kick start this humble vision of “the eco-friendly bicycle shop” in the year 2008. Even though it wasn’t smooth sailing in the first year, however he continued to press on and fine tuned his selection of bicycles base on the needs of our local market, having said that, I personally think that Lee has a selection of very attractive vintage collections that fits very well to the current fashion style.

RM 490.00

Through the talk, I got to learn a lot about Japanese made bicycles. He does not only look at the outward appearance of a bicycle, but is also very particular about the mechanic. Lee explained patiently to me the special features in some of the specially made bicycles. There are geared bicycles, bicycles without chains, bicycles that runs on timing belt, or some that spins the wheels with parts concealed in the shaft of the frame, folding bicycles.

RM 690.00

Like what Lee said, ‘there are many things we can learn from a Japanese made bicycle’. Not only the pro athlete bicycles, but also the ones as a mean for daily transportation or one that is used particularly for a job, like the postman’s bicycle that took my interest most. Indeed, the Japanese are a nation that puts attention to details. Lee has a women’s bicycle that comes with a guard beside the wheels to avoid skirt hem from getting caught in the wheels. More than just that, they are very comfortable to ride on. One cannot deny the good feeling of how it spins, and it is definitely better than many other asian made bicycles.

When we speak of vintage products, so are the parts of the bicycle vintage. Which means, it is very difficult to find them, and definitely not at your usual pro shops. But Lee has all the parts that one needs to fix or service his bike.

Lee is a very big advocate at promoting cycling especially at charity rides. He’s done multiple support rides to charity events by renting his bicycles. At the back of his mind behind this business, he just wants more people to cycle, period.

RM 590.00

RM 1,199.00

I started cycling for the love of speed, pain and sports. I realize, especially in the urban cities, it has somehow unintentionally advertised to people that cycling is only for sportsmen, which isn’t true. While the whole universe is on the hype of the ‘go green’ campaign, everyone should be aware of and participate in this ‘movement’ for our own good. “Bicycles are very expensive” is what we always hear others say, and one of the main reason that stops a person from cycling. But the vintage classic fixies  at GW Bicycle Boutique are only going out at RM790 – 890. Or else Lee has a range of other bikes from RM190 – 2k.  Also to mention that there is a range of really cool, funky and functional accessories to go with the bike.  I highly recommend this shop.

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Address: 3 Ground Floor, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M31/M, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel No. : 03-5121 1793


Article by Joey Sia, 28
Experience: Road biking since March 2010
Writes at