Frasers Hill with Casio

Cyclists will always find an excuse to cycle even when on a road trip. On our road trip to Pahang, Richard decided to cycle up to Fraser’s Hill from the town at the foothill called Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

After he had set up his bike, he set off on the uphill journey, while I scoured around the town for some lunch. The sleepy town of KKB was quiet, I barely found any food after lunch hour, but I did find some durian stalls, so I had to settle for D24 and ‘kampung’ durians as lunch! Life can throw such ‘tough choices’ at you sometime.

Frasers Hill with Casio

The ‘durian aficionado’ in me set in, to enjoy the D24 which has a dry, bitter creamy taste while I was impressed by the kampung durian too which carried similar characteristics at a cheaper price.

Unfortunately, Richard suffered a puncture just after 10km en route to Frasers in a slight drizzle, so we packed up the bike and made a road trip out of it instead. We stopped by the waterfall half way up to Fraser’s as an excuse to have a bite of durian. The lovely aroma in the car was already tearing at us, and we couldn’t wait any longer.

Frasers Hill with Casio

Opportunity strikes to have durian by the waterfall half way up to Fraser’s Hill.

Frasers Hill with Casio

As we approached Fraser, the weather was cool at low temperatures after the rain and we walked around as ‘tourists’ taking photos around the infamous clock tower. We experimented with taking the Casio Exilim FR100 apart and placed it on the ground to take a photo of us, by triggering it remotely.

We were bunking at Shell’s Malaig bungalow for the night, which we found just before the Pine Tree Trailhead. A lovely British bungalow atop a hill, with a huge compound that had a small playground for children. The bedrooms were huge to cater a few families at a time, plus a comfortable living room and dining area.

Frasers Hill with Casio

Triggered the Casio Exilim FR100 remotely while separating it and putting it on the road for a shot.

Frasers Hill with Casio

As the evening mist set in, we set up a barbecue pit and the guys got the fire going, eager to pit their male testosterones at the grill. There’s something about men and barbecues. We threw some lamb chops onto the grill, followed by chicken wings, and ended with melted chocolates in bananas as dessert.

We also got creative with Sitiawan’s famed ‘Kong Piang’ which is like hard bread with some onion filling in the middle. We smothered it with some oil on both sides and toasted it on the grill, and it was the best version of Kong Piang I’ve ever eaten! Even fussy eaters agreed with me. Sitiawan residents and fans of the biscuit could learn a thing or two from us here.

Frasers Hill with Casio

Frasers Hill with Casio

Highlight of the weekend, hill-top barbecue on Fraser’s Hill.

The following day, we rose early to the billowing morning mist and Richard decided to try his luck cycling to Raub but to no avail as he suffered yet another puncture and both his soles came off! Support car came to the rescue, and we pressed on for Raub in search for the Musang King durian.

All hail the King!

Musang King indeed proves tasty, the creme de la creme of the crop, as we dug into the biggest durian available at a hefty price. Silence prevailed as we dug into the creamy goodness with such depth of flavour.

The stall owner suggested that we return mid August for the next bumper crop of the fruit and the prices should be lower then. Stay tuned for our next visit to the durian orchard for more thorny, yummy goodness.

Photos were taken using Casio Exilim FR100. #casioexilimfr100 #wefieiscasio

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Frasers Hill with Casio Frasers Hill with Casio