[Screen 01 : Reservation Form] It will lead you to Screen 02 after submission.

[Screen 02] Click the LINK to continue to Ticket Page

[Screen 03 : Ticket Page] Choose related pax (minimum 6 pax) and “Proceed To Checkout”

[Screen 04 : Payment Page] Choose Payment with PayPal or iPay88 (Make a payment via CIMBClicks / MayBank2u / HongLeongConnect / AmBank / AllianceOnline / PBe / RHBNow / BankIslam / UOB / AffinBank / BSN / WebCash)

[Screen 05] iPay88 Payment Process (preview)

Just proceed with the payment and we will send you a digital Registration Form after the payment has been received.

Feel free to contact us at sarah@baikbike.com if there is any questions 😉