Folding bikes are mostly designed with a collapsible main frame and handlebar, such that the front half of the bike can be flipped to the rear. Once folded, both the front and rear wheels would be adjacent to each other. The 5LINKS folding bikes, however, folds quite differently.

The innovation behind 5LINKS is the result of the desire to improve the safety and performance of folding bikes. The brain child of 5LINKS is a Japanese dentist who was a cycling enthusiast realised the design shortcomings of typical folding bikes. Being a dentist, he was naturally observant and also concerned about safety. Reflecting at his own folding bike, he discovered that the frame is the main structure supporting the entire weight of a cyclist. In order to achieve security and durability, he concluded that it was best that the main frame remained intact as a single unfoldable piece.

Following his observations, the dentist-turned-innovator created the 5LINKS folding bikes with a unibody main frame. Instead of folding the frame, the 5LINKS folding bikes come with slide-able handlepost where the frame is able to slide up the steerer tube. Thus, bringing both wheels together which are then fastened by a hinge. Once folded, the 5LINKS bikes stand upright,
supported by both its wheels with a kickstand. The unique 5LINKS design is patented and its models are well recognized for their ergonomics.

The 5LINKS bikes in Malaysia are available in two models, 5LINKS2 163 and 5LINKS2 169.
Both models feature a lightweight aluminium alloy frame that utilise 16 inch wheels, providing excellent stability and compactness. The 5LINKS2 169 is equipped with Shimano Capreo 9 speed, cassette and derailleur, and controlled by SRAM grip shifter. The 5LINKS2 163, on the other hand, is equipped with Shimano Nexus 3 shifting system. The 5LINKS2 169 and 5LINKS2 163 weigh approximately 9.8kg and 10.3kg respectively, enabling them to be easily pulled or carried manually.

Both models are available in four attractive bi-colour options, i.e. Kuro & Momo (Gunmetal Grey + Pink), Blue & Gold, Koh & Haku (Red + White) and Silver & SKY (Silver + Sky Blue). The retail price for 5LINKS2 169 is RM5,999 and 5LINKS2 163 is RM5,100.

The 5LINKS bikes are distributed exclusively in Malaysia by Pedal Wheelers Ventures. For more information, visit