Team Scurra is starting a crowdfunding campaign with their all-new and improved SCURRA 2. They have worked hard for three years to improve the invention and the time to reveal its final version.

Made in Europe, the Scurra :2 is an unique enduro bike with the revolutionary TRELEVER® suspension system.

What makes the Scurra :2 unique?

  • Innovative TRELEVER® front suspension system without telescopic fork
  • Allows 7+ inch front suspension travel on a 29er wheel
  • Enhanced front wheel control by triple linked wheel carrier
  • Extreme stability with virtually no breaka way force
  • Trial-style agility combined with freeride toughness
  • Patented in USA, Japan, China and Europe
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe

Why is Trelever® better than classic suspension?

Because Scurra:2 provides:

  • minimum response lag of the suspension,
  • low unsuspended mass,
  • low moment of inertia around the steering axle,
  • high rigidity of the suspension,
  • kinematically adjustable brake pitch reconciliation (anti-dive effect),
  • low structural load of the frame,
  • substantial suspension travel with 29-inch wheels,
  • easily adjustable progressive-kinematic manipulation of the shock strut,
  • only minimal alterations of wake and steering angles during suspension travel (when doing deflection bounces).

The best argument is a comparison with old rear suspensions of motorcycles.

If you look into history, rear suspension was also designed with telescopic forks – plungers (just like front suspension nowadays), but as the technology progressed, forks were replaced with more effective ideas – the first: simple swingarm. At the end of the 1950s, the rear wheel swingarm, known since the 1910s, replaced the construction of the straight-travel spring suspension. And finally the last development by mountain bikes – 2 systems based on parallelogramme technology: 4-link suspension and VPP (virtual pivot point).

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