The all-new Trailfox AMP e-mtb is meant for big adventures. For riders who love long distances and epic rides – who do two laps at lunch rather than one, who cram in twice the descents –  and explore rather than wonder what’s out there.

Its smooth power makes going up as much fun as coming down. Letting you wind around flowy trails faster than you realize, making you smile wider than you thought possible. Who even knew you could boost off a rock like that on your way up? Then attack technical descents with the level of intuition that can only be instilled by riding an expertly balanced, fully capable, all-mountain bike.                           

The Trailfox experience…Amplified

With the Trailfox AMP we have developed a full-on, generation 2.0 e-mtb revolution. Its suspension system and frame design have been specifically created to maximize the e-mtb experience. It’s still a Trailfox, because it delivers the legendary ride feel of our our EWS-proven full-carbon superbike – just amplified.


The Trailfox AMP delivers a full, all-mountain ride experience thanks to geometry that has been developed to account for the unique characteristics of an e-mtb, and its rider’s needs.

Real mountainbike feel

The Trailfox AMP’s tailored kinematics, pivot placement, leverage ratios, and shock dimensions bring all-mountain attitude to an e-MTB.

Best material choice

The Impec Lab’s new Twin Hollow-core Technology results in a world-class, carbon mountain bike frame that integrates the battery and drive unit in one sleek package.


Integrated battery, drive unit, and cable routing make for a clean-looking bike while actively protecting components from the elements.

1. E-Specific Geo Concept
Adjusted to the needs of an e-mountainbiker, to provide the full all-mountain experience.

2. 650b+ Wheels and Tires
A confidence inspiring wheel-size to let you ride any line.

3. Twin Hollow-core Tube Design
Hides the battery pack in the downtube while supporting a stiff front triangle.

4. Shimano E-8000
A powerful drive unit made with mountain biking in mind. The Shimano E-8000 provides strong, yet sensitive support.

5. Drive Unit Nest
Protects the drive unit from dirt and impact.

6. Integrated Speed Sensor
Hidden in the rearstay and disc for a clean look and accurate speed measurement.

7. E-Specific Advanced Pivot System (APS)
An efficient, durable suspension system with an e-MTB tune that blends your power with that of the bike.

8. E-Specific Linkage System
Strong and oversized, for durability and a precise riding feel.

Twin Hollow-core Tube Design