One Key For All Of Your Locks and Security Needs

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 — CHICAGO, IL. – ABUS – – the world leader in mobile security releases the YourPlus lock system, a convenient one-key solution for your bicycle.

With the YourPlus system, offered exclusively with ABUS’s high-quality Plus Cylinder, a single key can be used with multiple ABUS locks. Every YourPlus lock includes a code card that “saves” your key code for ordering duplicate keys or even building an entirely new lock around that key. This makes it possible to assemble complete identically keyed systems, which is particularly helpful for eBike owners who require several keys for the battery, another for the frame lock, and a third key for securing the bike to a fixed object.

ABUS produces a variety of locks that work with this system, making it possible to order different types of locks from a variety of categories that will all work together. Orders for keyed alike locks can be placed through a local bike shop and there is a 2-3 week turnaround for assembly and shipping. Whether it’s U-locks, folding locks, frame locks, or padlocks you can build your own system to meet your security needs.