Over the next few weeks Bike and Tours will share with you “The Adventure of Chlöisu in Borneo! “ Mr Niklaus Werren or Klaus or also known as Chlöisu in the local Swiss dialect is our very first privileged client. Ohh I must add upon eavesdropping, ok scrap eavesdropping, I will be nice.

Upon the locals hearing the Swiss German conversations between Simon and his Päpu (father), some of the locals have also naturally called and referred to Chlöisu as simply – Päpu! Anyways, Päpu is happy for us to share with you his eye opening experience in Borneo Malaysia.

There will be a few episodes to his one month adventure here, mostly in the tropical Borneo followed by the sky scraper city of Kuala Lumpur as finale to his stay in Malaysia.

Bike and Tours have taken him on a journey from the cities to villages to mountains to plantations to seaside and of course, what is visiting Borneo if you don’t visit Danum Valley and Kinabatangan River? It’s like going to Switzerland and not trying its famous cheese fondue! (If you could make such a comparison)

It was about a week and half before his arrival to Malaysia that Mr Klaus Werren made the call to Bike and Tours to say that his air tickets are booked. He will arrive soon and would like to explore Borneo with our assistance. There were also a few special requests from him in terms of places he would like to explore, things he would like to see and activities he would like to do.

Knowing how detailed Chlöisu can be, Simon and I made necessary arrangements to be sure that Klaus experience Borneo from both local and touristic perspectives. The preparation and planning side for Klaus’ tour in Borneo was a labor of love.  To put in simple terms, the tours that we organized for him during his one month stay here was a combination of our Borneo Eco Ride, the Kiulu Ride and Personalized Tour, all combined into one.

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The Borneo Eco Ride is a 10 days tour that begins in quaint town of Sandakan and ends in the gorgeous island of Mabul. The cycling tour under Borneo Eco Ride goes beyond the wheels, as it includes other activities such as river cruise, trekking and snorkeling. Whether you cycle with family members, friends or with a group of other individuals of the same interest, the Borneo Eco Ride gives you the opportunity to discover and appreciate the beauty of Borneo Sabah while you hit the pedals.

Find them at www.bikeandtours.com or contact them at info@bikeandtours.com.