The International Olympic Committee has relaxed rules for branding on bikes used in the Olympics, lifting a rule that restricted bikes to having just one logo of no more than 60 square centimeters (about 3 inches square).

The new rule, negotiated by the UCI and the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry, allows one frame manufacturer’s logo on each side of the bike. There is no specific size restriction except that the logo be the same size as “commercially available and/or used in UCI races.” A model name and a “UCI-approved” sticker also are allowed on the frame.

The WFSGI hailed the rule change as a victory for the bike industry.

Besides the bike and wheel logo restrictions, the IOC also restricts the use of logos on clothing, accessories and protective gear. On shorts and jerseys, one manufacturer’s logo of a maximum size of 20 square centimeters is permitted. On one piece suits, one logo can be placed above the waist and one below.

One 6cm2 logo, or two 3cm2 logos are allowed per helmet.

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