Malaysia’s very own inspiration – Karen Siah, who famously became an Ironman in eight months. We first got to know her from Thule Bike Battles in 2013, and now her face is plastered all over magazines, websites and now she has just published her book!


This pretty athlete always shows up au naturel and doesn’t seem to break a sweat nor seem tired with all those workouts. We follow her closely on Facebook and noticed that her outdoor selfies are taken by none other than the Casio Exilim FR100 —


BB: What is your first impression of the Casio Exilim FR100?

KS: It looked like a toy camera! It was so small and compact, and the bright yellow really made me wonder if this thing was for real. But when I tried it out, the quality of the images blew me away. It was actually a pretty good camera, despite it’s size!

BB: What is your fondest experience with the Casio Exilim FR100 so far?

KS: I think it was when I decided to put it on a selfie stick and my husband’s cousin decided to hold it high above our heads, and because it has a 16mm wide angle lens, it managed to capture everybody around a table. People thought we had a drone!


BB: How has this portable and versatile camera upgraded your photo-taking experience? 

It has definitely helped me take good quality wefies! I have been bringing it along on all my trips and it’s great for taking group pictures.


I’ve done a couple of jump shots with it too. Using the camera’s “Highlight” function to pick and choose all the footage to make a movie is quite fun too!


bookKaren has also just published a book – “How I became an Ironman” – Go grab a copy at MPH stores or online now.

Join her at Kia Kaha Fitness here.

All photos in this article are taken by Casio Exilim FR100.