Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen some horrendous-looking jerseys, some uber cool ones,and also some ridiculous designs. Not everybody is a jersey designer; and not everybody cando it like a pro. You see, IT’S NOT JUST PLONGING IN A FEW LOGOS!

Cycling jersey is the key to completing your superhero look, and there are times it feels good to be among very, very cool superheroes AND all wearing the same. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Find a filthy rich cycling team who doesn’t mind wearing the same branded jersey as you
  2. Force your cycling kaki to wear free jerseys… no guarantee on the cool-ness though
  3. Design the perfect jersey and get subsidized!


Design a jersey exclusively for your cycling club or event at a minimum order of 100 pieces – and get RM1,000 jersey subsidy by MEGABIKE Sdn Bhd!

Here’s how:

  1. Design your jersey based on the following templates prepared by BaikBike.com, to make sure you are on the right track on designing!
  2. Include 2 out of 3 logos provided in downloadable files above (Token, Silverback, MEGABIKE)
  3. Include your logos or text as you like it. All within the demarcated area.
  4. IMPORTANT: Contact MEGABIKE Sdn Bhd (012-471 3009) via your favorite bicycle store –> Apply for subsidy by sending in your design in JPEG or AI format
  5. You will then receive a quote for jersey production and confirmation of subsidy will follow!

No worries on converting your design into a printable format. Leave it to the pros. =)

Solved your Vitamin-M problem? This is a solution designed to lower your overheads, get a jersey sponsor and maximize that advertisement potential.

Trust me. You cannot get a better deal than this!

And on top of all overwhelming goodness, BaikBike has prepared a downloadable template and sample for your easy designing. Now, no more ugly jerseys ok?

Download template in AI and JPEG

This is an example prepared by BaikBike =)

Well, for more professional designs, check out Bicycle-line’s jersey line.

And lastly, for more details, contact MEGABIKE at 012-4713009.