Similar to NINE in the Hokkien language (major dialect in Penang), “KAW” also refers to how we want our coffee thick, ie. KOPI KAW! 1,487 participants rushed into registering for Kayuh Lasak 9 within a 12-hour window – We know this is one hell of a ride.

The trail combines a route through eight hills, with all the terrain you might have imagined which ever exist in Malaysia. All put together by David Chu and his team. We think it’s insane.

But heck, this guy knows exactly what he’s putting us through! *salute*
David patiently showed us the route details and fizzled through Google Earth to show us some of craziest terrains and hilly tracks. If you’re not a disciplined cyclist who trained yourself regularly, it will be best if you skip and watch everybody else cry, than to injure yourself.

Up.. Uphill baby!

(Photos: Chew Saw Leong)

Masziyaton in action

Kenny Kwan recharging at checkpoint. Few volunteers attending to one cyclist, including offering drinks, banana, chain spray, and checkpoint sticker.

Right after the ride, there were still voices around exclaiming, “Really Kaw man…” And we are not surprised! Only a little over 300 riders got through all nine checkpoints, with the fastest rider finishing the ride at 3 hours 44 mins. Everybody came back sweaty, smelly, muddy and looking all exhausted…

This is the 9th Kayuh Lasak, proudly brought to you by KOTRT, who has been keeping up the standard, improvising every next ride. Some people said this is probably the toughest MTB challenge in Malaysia.

As for the 10th Kayuh Lasak – We are coming!