Photo Credit: Berita Jakarta

The East Flood Canal (KBT) is not only a flood barrier in the north and east of Jakarta, but also a bike lane. With a 23.5-kilometer long dry track, KBT banks became the longest bike lane in Jakarta.

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo revealed that KBT banks is actually prepared as a bike lane. This lane will become the longest bike lane in Jakarta, measuring at 23.5 kilometer long. He hopes that the community and bike lovers will make full use of it.

“Later, this bike lane will also be built in five municipalities in Jakarta,” he said, after opening fun bike in KBT lane, Ujungmenteng, Cakung, East Jakarta, Sunday (6/10).

He also urged participants to maintain and care for the bike lane, not polluting the KBT. On the other hand, 8,000 cyclists participated in the fun bike today. The routes started from Ujungmenteng Sluice Gate, Cakung, East Jakarta, toward Marunda Sluice Gate, Cilincing, North Jakarta, with 16 kilometers long.