It was a sunny morning and it was indeed a good start for a MTB training session! We were invited by Zero 2 Hero to witness and participate in the classes.

We arrived at Taman Metropolitan Park at 8am and Darcy Steinhardt, a certified coach with 25 years of experience under his belt started the day with a briefing session. The Zero 2 Hero team is supported by some of the familiar faces in the industry, namely Kenny Kwan, Derrick Johnson, Herbert Lye and Jessen Lee. They are known names in the local races who have proven their ability to ride like a pro.

Darcy (middle) briefing his coaching team

Kenny Kwan coaching

I have been a mountain biker ever since I remember what a bicycle looks like and truth to be told, I did not think much of the lesson since the coaches signed me on Level One! Come on, Level One can’t be that difficult eh? 

Melody Tan attempting going down

Fine. I was wrong. I totally underestimated the classes and I have learnt more in a day than what I have for the past 20 years. Damn it.

Just when I thought today is going to be picnic-like, there were short screams all around. Steeper and steeper downhill terrains were presented to polish up every apprentice’s skills. The apprentices gradually picked up the right way of handling the brakes and also body balancing. If you do fall or even flip, there are coaches there to guard and literally, “save” you.

Derrick, one of the coaches demonstrating to me how to go downhill effortlessly.

Going downhill is definitely dangerous, and without good guidance or GUARDIANS, you might never learn how to ride correctly. The fear of falling is far too great, I guess. With Zero 2 Hero, they encourage trials (and errors too) so that you will finally understand the reason behind falling and learn to over come them.

Zero 2 Hero consists of experienced cycling professionals who guard the apprentices during training. In the end, there were no major injury. The training they presented to us, was really not easy.

I took the chance to catch up with the coaches and was curious on how does one start the downhill hobby when the stakes are so high and the skills so low? Seems like Zero 2 Hero are planning to have classes for specifically downhills and children. So if you would like something like that to happen, do make sure they know about it!

As for the coaching? Coach Darcy is charismatic and has a very interesting personality. His expressive coaching style makes me want to attend the classes again! Classes include cornering, balancing, uphill and downhill techniques. The classes are run with a minimum of three coaches providing everyone with individual feedback.

The day was so exhaustive but every moment was incredibly enjoyable because I knew I was picking up something new.
Heartfelt words: You thought you already know about mountain biking, but in fact, you don’t. *sigh*

If you are interested in signing up for the classes, sign up fast in time for the Introductory Offer:
Level Zero now at RM99 per pax (Normal Price: RM199)
Level One now at RM149 per pax (Normal Price: RM299)

More about Zero 2 Hero can be found at the Official Website: You can also drop a mail at info@zero2hero.Asia for further information.