HELLO Foldies!
This week, we take a look at the Dahon Jetstream P8.

GOOD VALUE: The Dahon Jetstream P8 gives plenty of comfort to its rider in rough places.

Said to be one of the best folding bikes of its class, the Jetstream P8 continues to remain in Dahon’s 2012 inventory and becomes one of the few full-suspension folding bikes available in the market.


Joining the ranks of Pacific Cycle’s Birdy and Reach folding bikes, the Jetstream P8 is in a class of its own.
Although it doesn’t fold as compact as a Birdy, the bike has been tested in some really stressful conditions. For starters, the designation ‘P’ stands for ‘Premium’ in Dahon’s line-up.

This puts it under a notch below the company’s high-end products and as far as built-quality is concerned, I must say that the Jetstream P8 is pretty decent.  A little tune-up is what it needs to take you anywhere around the country.

POWERTRAIN: The bike's 8-speed transmission.

At a pricetag of RM3.8K, the Jetstream is also one of the most affordable full-suspension foldies around. The keyword here is: ‘simple’. Since it was not as complicated as its high-end cousin – the Jetstream EX (now, discontinued), the Jetstream P8 is easy to maintain and is a realy comfortable ride.

BUMP BUSTER: The Suntour adjustable rear shock.

Having a front Dahon-Q suspension (designed by the famed Germa A) and a rear Suntour adjustable shock absorber, the road holding capabilities on this bike is amazing!

TRIED AND TESTED: The writer's wife riding the Jetstream P8 during a round island trip in Penang.

My wife tested it out at the Penang Campaign For a Lane series 3 ride last November and it passed with flying colours.


What’s missing on the 2011 Jetstream P8, is the Dahon-Q front suspension. This gave it the ‘distinct’ look that sets it apart from other folding bikes.

NOT QUITE RIGHT: Instead of the Dahon-Q suspension, the 2011 Jetstream P8 was produced with an RST coil spring fork.

Instead, the version that landed in Malaysia (About 10 bikes in total) were fitted with an RST front shock.

Despite the shortcoming, the bike handled pretty well. In my humble opinion, the Jetstream P8 fulfills the needs of an advanced cyclist in seach of a full-suspension foldie.It would be better if fitted with an Andros stem especially for tall riders like me.

STOPPING POWER: An Avid brake lever on the Jetstream


The Dahon Jetstream P8 is distributed by Le Run Industries. You can find them at the Rodalink stores throughout the Klang Valley. And for a listing of their stores, log into www.lerun.com.my

By Samo