This week, we examine HASA, a new folding bike brand brought to you by the Yong brothers of Tukang Basikal Fook Sang in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya.

And before I proceed, a word of Thanks to all who have emailed their queries on everything folding bike to me. I hope I have provided some solutions for your biking needs.

TEAM HASA: Father and son cycling team KW Mui and Samuel riding their HASA M-2 Minimax in Putrajaya.

Okay, moving on track, I was introduced to the HASA M-2 ‘Minimax’ folding bike by the Yong brothers last year.
One of them, Foo Way, said he was unsure of the response, but is willing to risk it by bringing in a small batch of HASA F1 and M1 to Malaysia.

“We are just trying to gauge the market and so far, I am very surprised that people are willing to fork out as much as RM10,000 just to sink their teeth on a foldie,” said Yong.

The gamble paid off when most of the F1s and M1s were scooped off the shelf at their family-owned bike shop in Sungai Way.
Later, one of the Yong brother’s former mechanic actually won a track race with the 18-speed HASA M-2 foldie.


A SOLID RIDE: The Hasa M2 Minimax.

Well, using Dahon Speed P8 as a benchmark, I would safely say that the HASA bikes lived up to its mark.
Being a company that is eager to please, the manufacturer had thrown-in plenty of good stuff like mid-range Shimano components to give it a smooth ride.

And for an asking price of RM1.7k for the 9-speed F1 and RM2.4k for the 18-speed M-2 Minimax, I’d place this foldie as a bike that can answer to some demanding riders.

I may be biased as a long-distance foldie, but by looking at what this bike is capable (both the F and M-series frames are developed with luggage-carrying capabilities) of being rigged as touring bicycle.

HASA utilises Shimano components for their folding bike as seen here on the M-2's shifter.

DECENT QUALITY: The Sora rear derailleur on the Minimax.

Now, the ‘kick’ that I get out of the HASA folding bike is the ruggedness and sturdiness when it comes to handling.
The only beef I had with this bike is the length of its handlebar stem – a tad too short for a tall guy like me.

Foldability-wise, the HASA may not be as compact as some Dahons and Bromptons in the market, but it sure will impress you with its frame stiffness when you put it on the road. To sum it up, the HASA F and M-series bikes are ready to roll whether you want to burn rubber on the track, or set out on an ultra-long distance ride.


Okay, the bike is sold by Tukang Basikal Fook Sang located at: Address: No 596, Jalan SS9A/14 Sungai Way
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia. Telephone: +603-7876 9094, +60162218040.
Or log on to www.tbfooksang.com.

By Samo