HELLO Foldies!

In this week’s issue, we scrutinise one of the rising stars in the folding bike scene here.
The popularity Java bicycles from China can be seen at events up North, especially around Penang and Taiping. I guess its the ‘bang for the buck’ factor that made it such a hot-seller in the states.

A SOLID RIDE: Never underestimate a China-made bike like the Java Fit.

For starters, the Java Fit is a 20″ folding bike sold at RM1.8K that is feature-packed. Designed in Italy and manufactured in China, the Fit continues to impress new cyclists with its value-added pricing.


Using a Dahon Speed P8 as a benchmark, I must say that the Java Fit has a solid lock-up when deployed.
The hinge and bolt fits snugly and to all of you who have reservations about China-made goods, the QC on this folding bike is commendable.

NEW BIKE ON THE BLOCK: Java Bicycles has a good future in our folding bike scene.

What is interesting here, is the frame design. Its also quite sturdy and a lot less ‘twitchy’ compared to cheaper folding bikes from the motherland. One of the factors that secures the Java Fit’s reputation as a ‘must-have’ foldie among beginners is the mechanical disk brakes on its front and rear wheels.

STURDY: The handblebar stem on the Java Fit.

STOPPING POWER: This is the only bike of its class offering disk brakes front and rear.

There’s enough stopping power in any weather conditions and since its also easy to maintain, the bike became a choice ride for those wanting more than just a urban commute ride. I’ve seen pictures on Facebook by a group of cyclists from Taiping who used their Java Fit on the trail.

Even with an offroad course thrown-in, the Java is fit for the job.


There’s no doubt on the steady rise of Java Bicycles on the folding bike arena here.

STYLISH AND AFFORDABLE: With a pricetag of RM1.8K, this folding bike can give many big brands a run for their money.

The Fit, as I was told, is capable of upgrades and in the hands of a strong cyclist, I won’t be surprised to see a podium finish at folding bike races. In a scene dominated by Dahon, Tern and other premium brands, the Java Fit is able to put up a fight with its key features.

On the whole, this is a bike that ‘got it right’ with its quality components and pricing factor.


The folding bikes are distributed by Pedalspot (www.pedalspot.com.my) and if you want to examine it up close, take a trip to their boutiques as listed on their website.

By Samo