Minoura has invented many indoor training tools, kits and they are going a mile further to stretch your training. This time, it’s not a hardware, but softwares to motivate and push you harder.

Check out these applications using your smartphones:


A completely new indoor training method utilizing your iOS device

Use your iOS device as a training computer

Gives you speed, cadence, power output and all cycling computer functions and simulates real courses on your screen.
Compatible with the following iOS device; iPhone (3GS / 4 / 4S) / iPodTouch (2GEN / 3GEN / 4GEN) / iPad (2GEN / 3GEN)

For LiveRide series trainers

Compatible with V-series and the new LiveRide series trainers and MagteqsTwin.

Three (3) training modes

You can choose from 1) Course simulation mode, 2) Interval mode, and 3) Free riding mode.

Graphical data indication

Indicates speed, cadence, time, distance and wattage all on your iPhone screen in easy to read graphics. Auto pause feature keeps your workout accurate.

Transferrable between multiple bikes

Register multiple bikes with LiveTraining. Just choose between the various bike styles shown on the bike set up screen.

Add and customize your own courses

Create endless routes to ride using mapping software or by downloading LiveCycling, LiveTraining’s companion app, which records your road and MTB routes using the GPS feature on your iPhone.
Those routes can be transferred to LiveTraining with the touch of a button.

Set your own target heart rate

To make your workout safe and effective, set your optimal target heart rates to train within your target zones.

Calculates and shows burned calories

Entering your height and weight automatically sets up the calorie burn rate function in the app.

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iOS Bike Game App: Change Your Workout More Challengeable With iPhone

  • Virtual race experience app for iOS
  • 3 modes and 4 courses available
  • Save and view each workout result on graph

Realistic 3D European course and Velodrome

  • Training
    • Aerobic / Moderate (5km, 10km) / Hard (5km, 10km)
  • Time Trial
    • Road : 5km / 10km / 20km / 30km
    • Velodrome : 200m / 500m / 800m / 1000m
  • Road Race
    • Rubber Duck Run
    • Elite Circuit Series
    • Grand Tour Challenge
    • World Championship
  • Free Run

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Make Your Workout More Enjoyable and Realistic

  • Every Minoura V-series and LiveRide-series trainers (not Mag and RDA series and rollers) comes with a coupon that allows you to download a 1.5-hour movie “Local Hero” at free of charge!
  • You can buy other programs from sufferfest web site
  • Just one time chance

The Local Hero: Basic Steel Frame

  • “Local Hero” is the official movie clip from 2010 UCI Road World Championship in Australia
  • US$12.99 value
  • Video offers various race scenes or on-road training

Find out more about the app here

For more information, check out Minoura’s Official Website at www.minoura.jp.

Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd is the official distributor of Minoura products in Malaysia. You can visit their flagship store at:

Email: info@ghspeedbikes.com
19-G, Jalan PJU 5/20A, The Strand Damansara, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47610 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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