Last Saturday we were at Rodalink Bangsar witnessing the launching of New DAHON Bikes and BioLogic products! This day was also the gathering of the Folding Bike Club.

Yes, we will be writing hell load of detail about the new products, but wait, before that – We’ve decided to talk about this very much improvised folding bike. Originally, a DAHON Curve SL. Possibly this one.

The owner of the amazing bike wishes to be anonymous and here are the pictures…

The home-made 200 grams aluminium rack, takes away 200 grams from a ready aluminium rack which weighs 400 grams.

The bike stand made out of a 1.5″ diameter PVC pipe. Attached to the bike too! 20 grams.

A simple circular stopper made from a pipe to protect the bike when folded.

The handles’ cushion? Made from sandals!

Totally done intentionally. The mud guard. Cheapest and Lightest.

And all the silver tapes you see? Reflectors.

The most comfortable saddle ever. Stuffed with a half-pumped spare tube and covered with a homemade cover…

This bike has been with the owner through thick and thin, toured around a few countries and now, it looks seasoned and really, really comfortable!

A pity that we missed out a full picture of the bike!
Well, if  you ever see the FBC cyclists, spot this bicycle!

Last question, the total weight of the bike?

9.5 kg

Now you can scream.