Promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet. That’s Mozilla’s mission.

So it’s no surprise that when they expanded operations and opened an office in San Francisco, they made a deliberate decision to have a bike program.

Bike share programs are catching on, particularly among innovative, progressive organizations like Mozilla.

a rider 'flies' on the Firefox bike


Because bikes are socially and environmentally responsible. They’re healthy, fun and make the workday better. They contribute positively to community. Bikes save money in parking, transit and healthcare costs. They’re a simple and inexpensive way to make a big impact.

With an office in the historic Hills Bros Building at the base of the Bay Bridge, transportation and parking are a challenge to Mozilla. Fortunately, most Mozillians who commute to this office live within four miles. And the office is within easy cycling distance to BART, Caltrain, and the Ferry Building.

Mozilla CFO, Jim Cook, wanted a way for employees to easily get around for lunch and errands, travel between San Francisco and Mountain View offices, and commute to and from home.

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