Join Malaysian actress, Nabila Razali in the Ride for Malaysia. (TheStar)

Malaysian actress Nabila Razali believes that cycling fosters unity and harmony among the multi-cultural citizens of Malaysia.

“Especially for a multi-racial country like Malaysia, we need to learn tolerance and acceptance but this can only be done through understanding one another. What better way than to have activities that bring people together?” said Nabila Razali.

Growing up cycling with her friends during their childhood years in their neighbourhood, Nabila realised she learnt more than just how to cycle on two wheels.

“Back then, when my parents bought me a bicycle, I thought they just wanted me to go out and play with my friends. But now, I think there was more to it. They wanted me to learn social skills and how to live harmoniously with others. These skills are not formally taught in schools but we can learn them through activities like cycling.”

The 25-year-old lead actress of drama series Hikayat Cinta Si Pematah Hati will be supporting Ride For Malaysia, a cycling event organised by Star Media Group and rising property developer Sunsuria Bhd for national unity and patriotism.



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